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Filthy Divine was formed in late 2001 under the leadership of Nick "El Gato" Torres and Scott "Scotty" Albrecht in NE MPLS MN, and a new era of rock was born.
In their initial incarnation, the band released "This is ... Filthy Divine" (c.2004 on Aquarium Records, a Division of The No Alternative Music Group) subsequently released on Rock and Roll Records, Inc. Riffing guitars, Thunderous drums, and Powerful bass set the foundation for the soulful and rocking vocals of Viva Long. Always hard rockin', and a little bit pop, this is a band that gets in the mind as well as the ear.
Release of the long awaited second album was unfortunately delayed after a series of subsequent additions and departures of various other members, along with the emotional eternal loss of Amy Tobin, who's violin was such an integral part of much of the tonality in the music.
Despite this delay, Filthy Divine's fan base continues to grow even as the band ceased touring several years ago, focusing instead on the creation of new material in their studio in NE Minneapolis.
With hundreds of hours of material in the can, El Gato and Scotty, along with seasoned bassist Sean McCool, the trio are hard at work, putting the final touches on "There goes . . .Filthy Divine”, the follow up release to "This Is . . . Filthy Divine", along with the upcoming “Live”, the bands live album from gigs near and far.
The Band is also working on a series of videos to accompany past and present material, and preparing to release the video "Destabilize" as a follow-up to the popular video "America" YouTube, both songs being more timely now than they were when the album came out.

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